Business Transition

Harvesting the value of your business

Harvest the value in your businessSelling or transitioning your business is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. It is a challenge harvesting the value that you have put into your business and leaving it in capable hands.

Regardless of whether it is sold to a family member, your management team, or someone from outside the business, the first step is to enable the business to survive under different leadership and withstand threats to the industry. This will ensure it remains competitive in your marketplace, enhance the overall value of the business, and give you the choice to either sell internally or externally. But, is your business set up so that someone else can run it? Are you taking steps so that you can one day sell your business?

With our business transition services, we help you develop a plan that maximizes your options and provides the best possible future for you, your family and your business. And when you are ready to sell, we help you explore the viability of both the internal and external sales while assisting all stakeholders in understanding the opportunities that each affords. We then work with you to clarify your preferred direction and develop a road map to get there. Finally, we act as your guide to identify and navigate the obstacles that could derail you along the way.

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